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Rekeying is a good way to gain better access control for your residential or commercial property (and even your car). The old keys will no longer work with your lock(s), and so the people who have the old keys will no longer be able to enter your property without your permission. If your need is urgent and you need this service quickly anywhere in Scottsdale, AZ, then Scottsdale Locksmith Service ’s rekey locks emergency  service is your best bet. We are a professional locksmith that can send a team over to your location in a short span of time. We have been providing our services to the local community for several years – you can rely on us to do the job right and at an affordable price too.

When should you get locks rekeyed?

Scottsdale Locksmith Service Scottsdale, AZ 602-687-1388So when should you go for our rekey service? Sometimes it’s a better idea to get your locking systems replaced with high security ones instead of getting them rekeyed. However, re-keying is a much cheaper option and it may be the right choice in some cases. Here are some of the common scenarios where you might want us:

  • When you had a falling out with someone:  Have you had a bad falling out with someone – like a spouse or an employee- and are now worried about yours safety? Hiring our rekey locks emergency  service is a good idea.
  • You’ve lost your old keys:  Have you misplaced your old keys or have they been stolen? Prevent the person who has the keys from getting inside your property by getting your locks rekeyed.
  • You moved to a new property:  When you move to a new property, it’s very likely that the old owners and contractors still have access to it. You can bar entry to them through rekeying.

What can our emergency service do for you?

Our rekey locks  emergency  service can either rekey a single lock – like the lock on your front door – or all the locks on your premises, if you want to play it safe. We can also turn your existing system into a master key system (if your locking systems support the procedure), so that you’ll be able to open them all with a single key. We can carry out rekeying for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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